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Flexible and intelligent, Villeroy & Boch’s tableware concept Affinity is perfect for mega public viewing events like the 2014 World Cup

We already know: the 2014 World Cup is a mega event. One-hundred-thousand fans are seen in Brazilian stadiums and millions of people follow the game on TV. Those who want to share the excitement and fun of the games with like-minded fans aren’t staying home on the couch.

For these fans, going to a public viewing is a must and not just in Brazil, but all over the globe. From mega events with huge screens to outdoor dining with flat-screen TVs, to hotel lounges and sportsbars – for restaurateurs, public viewing events are extremely appealing business opportunities that can generate significant profits.

What dishes and drinks should be served, and how should service be handled – during half-time when (almost) every guest wants to be served simultaneously?

This summer restaurateurs around the world will be facing these questions and the answers will all be very different. Because while the games will be broadcast at 6 p.m. in Europe, at dinner time, in Rio and New York by the time the final whistle blows in Estadio do Maracana in Rio de Janeiro it will be time for an afternoon coffee or happy hour cocktail. For those watching live in Tokyo, they’ll have to get up very early, but then they will be able to enjoy the game with a good long breakfast. And in Los Angeles it will be time for lunch to be served when the two best teams in the world face off in the World Cup Final.

Affinity is At Home on Every Continent and in Every Kitchen
For all restaurateurs and hoteliers who don’t want to have to think about finding the right tableware for all of their serving needs because they’re preoccupied with the laborious planning and preparation of a public viewing event, Villeroy & Boch has the perfect solution. Affinity, an especially flexible and intelligent tableware concept perfectly fulfills all the serving demands of a public viewing, regardless of when and where and how many guests and what is being served. Affinity is a comprehensive tableware series with a strong design that is multifunctional and extremely robust making it well-suited to take on all kitchen and service challenges effectively and all around the world.

One special advantage of Affinity is that whether at breakfast, lunch or afternoon coffee or tea or happy hour cocktails or at an evening buffet – Affinity can be implemented around the clock making it ideal for public viewings of the 2014 World Cup. The multi-functionality of the tableware not only ensures that space is saved when they are being stored, but also simplifies kitchen and service processes. And beyond the basic amenities, Affinity also offers a line of extraordinary supplementary products like the impressive tiered server, original compartment platters, a small cloche or various pitchers and pots that are made for attractive displays. Affinity is at home on every continent and in every kitchen.

The porcelain pieces are the ideal stage for all of the world’s regional specialties. Whether Berlin, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Rio or Tokyo – Affinity fits just as perfectly in trendy designer and business hotels as in cafes, biergartens, and clubs and sportsbars. The puristic design with its simple, clean forms and the intelligent multifunctionality of the series open up many possibilities for combinations and use. Playful with its use of circles and ovals, Affinity is discreetly stylish in timeless modern white.

The professional tableware concept includes a total of 70 different pieces, many of which are stackable. With 15 plates perfectly proportioned and formed to fit together, eight mugs and cups that all fit on the same saucer, diverse plates, bowls and soup bowls, Affinity has all of your tableware needs covered. With an intelligent selection of pieces, new culinary worlds can be brought to life again and again that are experience oriented, varied and efficient at once.

Of course, all of the pieces from Affinity are dishwasher, microwave and salamander safe. High-quality premium porcelain is also so robust that it can withstand the most demanding use over the course of many years. Villeroy & Boch even offers a 5-year guarantee against chipping for its flatware.

Affinity is also an extremely good value. Thanks to the tableware’s multifunctionality, investment costs can easily be optimized. Furthermore, Affinity is part of the AAA program (Articles Always Available), with which Villeroy & Boch guarantees the series’ core articles are always available providing restaurateurs and hoteliers with the ability to plan with ease.

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