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Vidivi collaborates with mixologist

Italian glass producer Vidivi has teamed up with Italy's most famed mixologist Flavio Angiolillo to create its debut barware range, Mix & Co.

Italian glass producer Vidivi has always had tumblers in its DNA - a tumbler that is resistant, striking and stylish. For this reason, the company has developed a collection to meet the needs of bartenders, that highlights the technical characteristics and the quality of the glass.

Flavio Angiolillo, an important name in the world of Mixology, has collaborated with Vidivi in the creation of a new line, the Mix & Co. collection, which combines ergonomics and vintage design: for example, a heavy base for increased stability, and external decoration both for improved hold and reduced friction during mixing with a stirrer.

Mix & Co. is composed of a tumbler and the essential mixing glass, a tumbler for the preparation of several cocktails at once, mixed and cooled with ice as per the stir&strain technique. To complete the line, the accessories par excellence, the stirrer, or bar spoon, ideal for the mixing of the contents, and the strainer, to strain the drink from the mixing glass to the tumbler.

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