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Vista Alegre scoops award nominations

Eleven collections from Vista Alegre have been nominated for the prestigious German Design Awards 2017

Eleven collections of Vista Alegre have been nominated for the German Design Awards 2017, one of the most prestigious international competitions that has distinguished excellence in global design for more than six decades.

The jury of the German Design Council awarded the seal German Design Award 2017 Nominee to the Vista Alegre collections Plissé, Orquestra, Blue Ming, Timeless, Jazz, Carrara, Gárgulas, Love Who You Want, Midnight, Swinging and Trace.

The long-time Portuguese brand is constantly progressing as a global player at the forefront of international design, through the unique pieces and distinct collections in porcelain, crystal and glass produced. These come to life at its internal department of design, at its project of international artistic homes located in Íllhavo – the ID Pool –, and through partnerships with designers and artists, both aspiring and recognised ones, from all over the world.

This is the second consecutive year that Vista Alegre’s excellence in design has been recognised by the German Design Awards. In 2015, the judges at this competition assigned nine German Design Awards 2016 Nominee seals to Vista Alegre, and the piece Printemps of this hallmark brand was awarded a German Design Award Winner 2016. Vista Alegre was also given two honourable mentions by the jury for the collections Caribe by Christian Lacroix and Transatlântica by Brunno Jahara”.

One year later, the number of Vista Alegre nomination increased to eleven and, even more remarkable was that four collections were developed entirely by its internal team of designers, and four more were from the project of international artistic designs – the ID Pool.

Discover Vista Alegre’s German Design Award Nominees
Plissé is a collection developed internally by Vista Alegre, comprised of three decorative pieces, standing out as the perfect alliance of porcelain and crystal techniques. The collection, currently nominated for the German Design Awards, received the Red Dot Design Award in 2015.

The same intern team also developed Timeless, a timeless collection that was unveiled at the beginning of the year in Paris, combining classical heritage with sophisticated contemporaneity, thus challenging classifications. The selection of decorative elements, their composition and shades chosen – blue and red – meld classical richness with sophisticated contemporaneity, expressing the timelessness of good design.

Jazz is a coffee service that was internally developed, part of the collection Art Deco presented by Vista Alegre in 2014 at international trade fairs.

Orquestra is a collection conceived of by the two young designers, David Raffoul and Nicolas Moussallem, for Vista Alegre, within the project ID Pool, an artistic home housed in one of the old residences in the Bairro da Vista Alegre, the Vista Alegre worker’s neighbourhood, where designers from all over the world stay for one to three months for a bustling dialogue of creativitiy and experimentation with the factory, aimed at creating stunning products and to develop ideas that challenge the production line.

Carrara was also born in the artistic homes that Vista Alegre promotes in Ílhavo. This is a new table service by the French designer Coline le Corre that was presented to the whole world in Paris last year.

In Midnight, the German designer Mendel, who joined the ID Pool at Vista Alegre, conceived these decorative pieces that are extraordinary in their beauty and intricate technique, combining the art of porcelain with the techniques of crystal, which he used in designing these pieces.

Also from ID Pool, by the hand of the Brazilian designer, Henrique Serbena, Swinging was born, a crystal decanter that earned a nomination at the German Design Awards.

In the category of hotelware, Vista Alegre received a nomination for its collection Trace developed by the German designer Carsten Gollnick.

Gárgulas are pieces in biscuit developed by the sculptor José Aurélio that replicate the gargoyles of the Torre do Tombo national archive in Lisbon, which are currently in shop windows of Vista Alegre’s store chain, pieces which captivated the jury of the German Design Awards.

Blue Ming appears against the backdrop of great partnerships between Vista Alegre and renowned international designers. This is a versatile collection of symmetrical pieces with sculptural elements created by the Dutch award winner, Marcel Wanders, who reinvented the age-old tradition of Delft porcelain, known as the Delft Blue. Each piece heralds the fusion of the two countries and their rich cultural heritages.

In the hands of the Lacroix house, the collection of pieces Love Who You Want was born, a reinterpretation of the surrealist game “cadavre exquis”, new pieces and plates presented at international fairs this year which astounded the German judges.

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