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Wedgwood introduces Iconic Collection

Combining signature Jasperware and crystal, Wedgwood presents its brand-new Iconic Collection - unique art pieces for the home

Luxury home and lifestyle brand Wedgwood announces the launch of its limited edition Iconic Collection, combining signature Wedgwood Jasperware and crystal in a range of homeware and barware designs.

The collection takes inspiration from the work of Italian architect Andrea Palladio, widely considered as the most influential architect in European history. Steeped in classical forms, his work was chiefly concerned with a sense of symmetry and perspective, which typified his neo-classical buildings. 

The collection combines Wedgwood’s iconic black Jasperware, made at Barlaston in England, with fine crystal vessels in an unexpected pairing presenting a contemporary and fresh take on traditional luxury materials. 

Uniquely, the Iconic Collection delivers both a stylish and functional statement for the modern home, with decorative bowls and vases, lidded vases and barware all with the ability to stand alone or be styled collectively.

A statement decanter set includes a Jasper tray on which a shapely tall crystal decanter, complete with Jasper stopper and six accompanying glasses may rest. Additional decanters are designed in varying forms to accommodate a variety of spirits whilst adding an interesting dimension when displayed. 

Jasper lidded crystal cut vases are similarly offered in an assortment of silhouettes, footed to balance each piece. Vases, for functional use or decorative display, are found in both pure crystal and pure jasper whilst a crystal shallow centrepiece bowl offers a myriad of uses. 

Individual pieces subtly capture elements of Wedgwood craftsmanship within their design. The Jasper pieces from the collection pay homage to the skilled process of Knurling, whereby a brass wheel carrying the design repeat is pressed into the pre-fired clay whilst being turned to create the repeat pattern imprint redolent of Palladio’s work. Elsewhere fluting found on Jasper bowl lids is reminiscent of the famous engine turned decoration.

The crystal designs equally carry inspiration from traditional practices; here we see etching created by skilled crystal cutting and intricate sand blasting to produce ‘rouletting’ patterns, popular at the time of Josiah Wedgwood. 

The Iconic collection offers the contemporary home the perfect blend of elegance and utility within its pieces, luxurious designs which offer an enduring modernity with an underlying appreciation for traditional artisanship. 

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