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Wedgwood celebrates 250 years of Queen’s Ware

The brand-new elegant Blue Bird tableware and giftware collection from Wedgwood pays tribute to its exquisite cream-coloured ceramic body

This spring, iconic English lifestyle brand Wedgwood will launch the Blue Bird collection in honour of the 250th anniversary of Wedgwood’s Queen’s Ware®.

Originally called ‘creamware’, the exquisite cream-coloured ceramic body was renamed ‘Queen’s Ware’ when Josiah Wedgwood was appointed ‘Potter to Her Majesty the Queen’ in 1766. Wedgwood received this honour following his delivery of Queen Charlotte’s ‘complete set of tea things’, which he mastered in 1765.

To mark this significant milestone, Wedgwood is introducing the historically symbolic Blue Bird tableware and giftware collection that brings together the famous Queen’s Ware body with expressive floral designs and bird motifs. The floral pattern and bird motif are both inspired by an archive floral design taken from the first series of Wedgwood pattern books, dating from the 18th century. They have been redrawn for today in a more painterly style to suit the relaxed, casual style of the collection.

Inspired by Wedgwood’s impressive design archive, each piece in the collection also features a decorative backstamp with the archive blue bird symbol at its centre, depicted in elegant blue tones.

The warm body colour and on-trend blue pattern, comprised of beautiful shades of baby blue, cerulean, aqua, sapphire and indigo. Each piece features the timeless Blue Bird symbol and designs fashioned with the exotic yet warm array of blue tones to add expressive elegance and flair to any tea occasion making for a unique yet functional everyday collection that is perfect for modern living.

From 16-piece plate settings to teaware, the dishwasher and microwave safe tableware has been created to make every meal an occasion to savour and adds classic Wedgwood elegance and style to every-day dining. The charming collection also features a functional range of small and large plates, as well as rice, cereal, pasta and serving bowls.

Packaged in Wedgwood’s iconic blue box with a decorative wrap band, the Blue Bird collection is the perfect gifting solution. From tableware for every-day dining to teaware that reflects Wedgwood’s position as an authority on tea, the Blue Bird collection offers an assortment of ceramic pieces that elegantly blend historic significance and modern-day charm.

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