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Function meets fashion at WMF

For both everyday use and festive occasions, the new Evoque cutlery from WMF bridges the gap between formal and casual

Beautiful cutlery is an essential part of fine dining and must prove its worth on a daily basis. Whether used for your daily meals or a surprise visit by your in-laws, cutlery must be both practical and chic.

The WMF Evoque cutlery set offers the perfect symbiosis of modern design and practicality for everyday use. It has clear, beautiful forms and its silky, matt surface is extremely wear-resistant. This cutlery is therefore ideal for every occasion, guaranteeing that the host always makes a good impression – and for many years to come too, thanks to the patented Cromargan Protect.

Because cutlery accompanies us throughout the day, it must satisfy many demands. Evoque cutlery from WMF meets all your expectations while at the same time being aesthetically pleasing to use thanks to its beautiful design, which hugs the contours of your hand. 

Evoque is well-balanced, extremely low maintenance and retains its beauty for many years. Even when used on a daily basis, Cromargan Protect® ensures that your cutlery retains its silky matt brilliance and is shielded against wear. As a result, it's guaranteed that you'll enjoy the design and delight in using it in every situation for a very long time. This set is therefore the perfect choice for those who value a modern atmosphere, beautiful design and quality.

Design by Daniel Eltner. 

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