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Introducing Zanetto’s Velvet range

With its commitment to craftsmanship and creativity, Italian silverware company Zanetto delivers stunning silver objects that tell a story

What sets Italian style apart – be it in furnishings, accessories, design, fashion, tableware - from all other products worldwide?
 That characteristic which is impossible to ignore: know-how. 

The same 'know-how' that encompasses a heritage of knowledge, beauty and culture, the fruits of generations of men and women intent on creating, in the silence of their workshops, objects that are the synthesis of ancient arts. There is no technology – nor even the most perfect imitation – that can replace centuries of history.

This is what Zanetto, the Italian silverware company with more than 50 years in high-quality production, is proud to represent.

Zanetto’s story is one of consistency and work ethic. Each object is the essence of creativity, design expertise and modernity achieved with the sensibility that only craftsmanship can provide. Its production is something real and tangible, with contributions of master craftsmen who are the very identity of Zanetto.

Zanetto’s success can be seen in its vast array of products, from tableware to accessories, delivering different yet always original aesthetic criteria.
Each and every Zanetto object tells a story. The study of materials – silver, copper, bronze, noble alloys - their finish, design and attention to different textures, be they engraved, finely hammered or brushed, are the result of a secret language which few know how to speak.

Take Velvet, the spectacular collection of table objects. 
Here, noble silver appears and feels as soft as velvet. A brushed texture, revolutionary in its manual production, creates a soft, lunar light that gives a mysterious body to the objects that decorate the table. 

Pure, ultra-simple lines bring out what are singularly beautiful surfaces, combining them with practical requirements and with the desire to experience a modern aesthetic to the full.

That is not all. The unusual finish of the surfaces also guarantees a practical advantage: the object cannot be scratched in any way.

The Velvet range comprises an oil cruet, cheese dispenser, risotto dish, lasagne dish, spaghetti-salad bowl, bread basket, tray, chopping board and glacette, together with serving utensils.

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