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Zieher unveils autumn novelties

German brand Zieher launches its autumn novelties, including the new porcelain Cave line

Renowned for its cleverly-designed mixed material tableware for hospitality, German brand Zieher has recently begun delivering its design-friendly pieces to retail too.

Among its latest launches, the company's autumn novelties, is Cave, porcelain cave-shaped bowls designed by Wilma Greim.

Like the shell hides the pearl, the porcelain miniature Cave conceals precious delicacies within its hard shell. This porcelain piece at first sight only partly reveals its interior. 

Cave consists of intricately-worked hard porcelain and captures by its soft shape and the velvety haptics of the unglazed outside. Touching the cave-shaped bowl it feels almost like a palm stone made of white gold, having a soft appearance with delicious contents. /

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